Insurance - It's An Investment Not A Cost

Placing a protective arm around you and your family

A financial safety net in times of need

As an insurance specialist, we provide advice and guidance on all forms of personal insurance, an integral part of long-term financial planning. We’ll find the right balance between protecting existing assets and income.

Getting the cover you need

Insurance cover is one of those necessities often discounted and undervalued until needed, then it’s priceless. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Life Insurance

Leave a financial legacy on your death with life insurance, pay off loans, mortgages and leave your family with a financial nest egg.

Protecting your finances

Create a financial safety net with income/critical illness protection, covering housing and everyday expenses when you’re unable to work.

Health and well-being

Protect the health and well-being of your loved ones with family medical insurance, guaranteeing treatment when required, which can be an additional challenge as an expat.

Working with You

Flexibility is Key

Customised Protection

We prefer not to take a one size fits all approach. We tailor insurance solutions around your personal needs. Cost-effective and more efficient, this provides much needed peace of mind.

Risk Management

Ready for the Unexpected

Finding that sweet spot between underinsured and over-insured is crucial - we won’t push unwanted insurance to you. Regular reviews and adjusting cover going forward ensures that you maintain maximum value for your money.

Your Legacy

Providing Financial Security

We assist in establishing financial stability for your loved ones, creating peace of mind and practical support as your lasting legacy. Adjusting your insurance cover to reflect your change in lifestyle is critical, an area in which we have great experience.

Types of Cover