Estate Planning

Looking after your family, protecting assets and investments

It’s never too soon to start

Here at Synergy Wealth we appreciate the importance of estate planning as a means of ensuring your assets and investments are managed as efficiently as possible. This allows you to provide financial security for your loved ones during the most difficult of times.

Financial security, legacy for your family

The one assurance in every financial plan is our eventual departure. We generally don't like to think, nor indeed talk about it and long may it be in the future, but it is essential to prepare for the eventuality.

Asset protection

Whether it be taxation or looking after your dependents, estate planning can be the most important part of any strategy.

Inheritance tax minimisation

From Wills, trusts and inheritance tax installation, we are here to make sure your wealth provides for you and the generations to come.

Wealth distribution

Our relationship is key and we will be there to give support and financial guidance to family and dependents at the most difficult of times.

Working with You

Preparing for Tomorrow

Prepare for the Unexpected

When undertaking estate planning, it is important to appreciate the short, medium and long-term financial demands of your life, balancing protecting your assets/investments in the long-term, while maintaining short-term liquidity.

Flexible Approach

Adapting to Change

It is crucial to adapt not only to changes in your lifestyle but also to investment and tax regulations. Action taken today may have a significant beneficial impact on your long-term finances.

Financial Security

Your Lasting Legacy

Working with experts, we will ensure that your affairs and investments are in order and as tax efficient as possible. Financial security for loved ones is an integral part of estate planning, providing a degree of comfort in those difficult moments.

Estate Planning