Education - Saving Solutions For Tomorrow

Tackling the rising cost of further education

Managing the challenge of funding university education

Synergy Wealth provides focused financial solutions for expats looking to the future, and the cost of further education for their children. This may be a university back home or another country, either way, it is important to plan ahead.

Addressing the increasing cost of education

When reviewing the cost of university fees, it is important to understand if your child will be treated as a domestic or international student by the university. This will have an impact on your planning, as there is often a significant difference in fees.

Planning ahead

We can help you create a savings plan, removing the challenge of affordability over ability, allowing your children to prosper.

Investing in education

Start your saving journey today, managing the financial responsibility, giving your children the chance to achieve their true potential.

A proactive approach

Taking a holistic approach to planning, we will consider your overall financial situation and create a strategy to cover future education costs.

Working with You

Proactive Approach

Long-term Savings Plans

Our forward-thinking strategy takes into account income, savings and investments and offers a diverse range of options. We take a long-term proactive approach to funding further education. Starting early creates financial breathing space and maximises returns.

Managing The Cost

Achieving Realistic Targets

Financial planning for the academic needs of your children is best managed with a realistic mindset. It is important to find a balance between affordability and achieving your goals whilst, retaining control of your finances, an area in which we have expertise.

Your Financial Legacy

The Gift of Education

Allow us to help plan your financial legacy in advance, ensuring your children enjoy the gift of education to the highest level possible. As part of our regular review, investments and savings plans may need to be adjusted in line with changes in future education costs.

University Education